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Write Results & Discussion Part of Research Paper using Chatgpt & Ocr |Chatgpt prompts |AI Tool

Write Results & Discussion Part of Research Paper using Chatgpt & Ocr |Chatgpt prompts |AI Tool


Welcome to LMS Solution, your go-to source for research support. In this video, we'll tackle a crucial section of your research paper – the Results and Discussions part. Building upon our discussions on crafting a compelling introduction, conducting a comprehensive literature survey, and generating theoretical content, we'll now explore how to effectively present results and engage in insightful discussions.

Converting Images into Theoretical Content:

While your results chapter predominantly consists of images, the challenge lies in translating these visuals into meaningful theoretical content. Utilizing OCR (Optical Character Recognition), we can extract text from images. Platforms like facilitate this process. By uploading image files, we convert them into readable text that can serve as a foundation for generating content.

Generating Content Using ChatGPT:

With the extracted text in hand, we turn to ChatGPT for content generation. Using a well-crafted prompt such as "Explain the above result image details generated from the OCR," we prompt ChatGPT to provide a detailed explanation of the image. The generated content typically outlines the key elements of the image, offering a starting point for further customization.

Customization for Your Paper:

Once the content is generated, it's crucial to customize it according to your paper's requirements. This involves refining the generated paragraphs, deleting unnecessary information, and aligning the content with your specific findings. The objective is to create a tailored and cohesive narrative that seamlessly integrates with your research paper.

Converting Tables into Engaging Explanations:

Similar to images, tables pose a challenge in translating data into comprehensive content. By copying and pasting the table, we prompt ChatGPT to "explain in detail the above table in favor of a specific method," such as the "Devo method." The resulting content provides an insightful breakdown of the table, which can be further customized for your paper.


Mastering the Results and Discussions section is pivotal in delivering a robust research paper. Leveraging OCR and ChatGPT simplifies the process of converting visual data into coherent textual content. This method serves as a valuable tool for researchers grappling with articulating their findings and insights in a clear and concise manner.

Closing Thoughts:

We trust that this step-by-step guide proves invaluable in enhancing your approach to writing the Results and Discussions section. If you find yourself wrestling with this aspect of your research paper, consider incorporating these techniques for a smoother and more effective writing process.

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