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Using ChatGPT to Write Abstract & Conclusion of Research Paper in 1 min |Important Prompt| AI tool

Using ChatGPT to Write Abstract & Conclusion of Research Paper in 1 min | Important Prompt| AI tool

Welcome to LMS Solution's research support! In this blog post, we will delve into an essential aspect of writing a research paper - generating a flawless abstract and conclusion using ChatGPT. If you've ever struggled with composing a proper abstract and conclusion, fear not! We're here to guide you through the process and show you how to make the most out of ChatGPT for these crucial sections.

Generating an Abstract:

To kick things off, let's understand the process of generating an abstract using ChatGPT. The key to a successful abstract lies in providing a well-crafted prompt. For instance, if your original abstract is about 200 words, your prompt should reflect that. Additionally, specifying the software or tools used in your research, such as "The simulation is carried out in Matlab," helps tailor the generated abstract to your specific context.

Let's take a random topic as an example, the "Dandelion Optimizer: A Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithm for Engineering Applications." By copying and pasting this title as a prompt, and specifying the word count and simulation details, ChatGPT can generate a concise and grammatically correct abstract.

It's important to note that the generated abstract serves as a starting point. You can further customize it by adding key points, values, or notations specific to your research. This customization allows you to mold the abstract according to your paper's unique requirements.

Generating a Conclusion:

Moving on to the conclusion, the process is similar. Copy the abstract generated by ChatGPT and use it as a basis for crafting the conclusion. Provide a prompt that emphasizes generating a conclusion, and allocate around 150 words for this task. This gives you room to add key points and justify the significance of your research.


In conclusion, utilizing ChatGPT for abstract and conclusion generation can significantly streamline the writing process for your research paper. By providing clear and specific prompts, you can leverage the AI tool's capabilities to produce grammatically sound content. Remember, customization is key; add your insights and specific details to make the abstract and conclusion truly reflective of your research.

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