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Simplifying Research Paper Writing with AI Tools: A Comprehensive Guide

Simplifying Research Paper Writing with AI Tools: A Comprehensive Guide

AI Tool for Research

Our AI tool is tailored to assist you in writing your research paper with ease. By visiting the LMS Research Support website, you can access a variety of options including a chatbot, plagiarism checker, online workshops, and more.

AI Research Templates

Our LMS AI tool features several templates specifically designed to simplify your research paper writing. Here are the options available:

  • Summarizer: This tool helps condense large amounts of text into concise summaries, making it easier to handle extensive literature.

  • Grammar Corrector: It checks and corrects grammatical errors to improve the quality of your paper.

  • Paraphrasing Tool: This tool rephrases sentences to reduce plagiarism while maintaining the original meaning.

These tools not only improve the quality of your research paper but also help reduce plagiarism.

Literature Review Templates

We offer four different templates for literature reviews:

  1. Literature Review: Simply copy and paste your references to get a summary of main findings and limitations.

  2. Detailed Literature Review: Add the title, abstract, introduction, and conclusion of your reference paper. The AI analyzes these sections and provides a concise summary along with key points and limitations.

  3. Chat with Paper: Paste any section of your reference paper and ask questions about it. The AI will provide detailed answers, helping you better understand and analyze your references.

  4. Chat with PDF: Upload your reference PDF and ask questions about its content. The AI can explain abstracts, contributions, methods, results, and more.

These templates make literature review writing simple and efficient.

Explaining Tables

If you have tables in your research that need explaining, this tool can help. By pasting the table into the tool, you can get a theoretical explanation that you can use directly in your paper.

MATLAB Code Generation

Generate error-free MATLAB code for your simulations. Copy and paste the generated code into your MATLAB software to run your simulations smoothly.

AI Chatbot

The AI chatbot allows you to ask any research-related questions and receive detailed responses. By providing appropriate prompts, you can get precise answers that can aid your research.

Blog Article Generator

Generate well-written blog articles using this feature. It's perfect for researchers who also need to maintain an online presence or share their findings with a broader audience.

Plagiarism Checker by Turnitin

Plagiarism is a significant concern in academic writing. Our AI tool includes a plagiarism checker powered by Turnitin, widely used by journals to verify the originality of papers. You can check your paper's similarity report within an hour. Here are the pricing options:

  • Up to 50 pages: ₹49

  • 51 to 100 pages: ₹99

  • 101 to 150 pages: ₹149

  • 151 to 200 pages: ₹199

  • 201 to 300 pages: ₹249

This service is also available for checking theses and books.


Our AI tool is designed to make research paper writing simple and efficient. Whether you're struggling with grammar, needing to paraphrase, or looking for a detailed literature review, our tool has got you covered. Additionally, the plagiarism checker ensures your work is original, and the workshops provide ongoing support and education.

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