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Revolutionizing Research with Smart Source Identification

Revolutionizing Research with Smart Source Identification


We dive into a powerful tool that promises to be a game-changer in the world of research. Have you ever wondered where a particular sentence or idea in a paper originates? Well, our focus today is on Sourcely, a tool designed to help researchers find, summarize, and format sources quickly and efficiently. Let's explore the capabilities of this tool and understand how it can streamline your research process.

Unveiling the Power of Smart Source Identification:

Sourcely is introduced as a masterful tool for researchers seeking to trace the origins of specific sentences or ideas in academic papers. It promises to save time and effort by providing relevant sources associated with the selected content.

Getting Started with Sourcely:

Upon logging in, the user is greeted with a user-friendly dashboard. The tool requires the user to input a sentence or line from a research paper to identify its sources. For demonstration purposes, we'll use the sentence: "A photovoltaic system converts radiation in the form of light into usable electricity."

Finding Sources:

After pasting the sentence, the user can adjust parameters such as the year of publication and the number of citations. Clicking on "Find Sources" initiates the search process, and in seconds, Sourcely presents a list of relevant papers. For instance:

  • "A review on factors influencing mismatch losses in solar photovoltaic cells."

  • "Artificial neural network-based output power prediction of grid-connected semi-transparent photovoltaic systems."

Exploring Source Details:

Users can click on a specific paper to delve deeper into its details. Sourcely provides a brief overview, allowing users to determine the relevance of the paper to their research. It's a convenient way to explore and validate sources efficiently.

Utilizing Open Access Journals:

Sourcely also facilitates access to open-access journals. Users can filter results based on specific criteria, enabling a more refined search experience.

Limitations of Free Version:

While Sourcely offers valuable features for free, there is a character limit of 300 for the content input. This restriction emphasizes the need for the Pro version, which allows unlimited characters for a more comprehensive search.

Sourcely Pro: Unlocking Advanced Features:

Sourcely Pro, available at a subscription fee, provides additional features such as generating credible summaries, PDF downloads of sources, and searching millions of sources filtered by the year of publication. The Pro version proves to be a valuable investment for serious researchers.


In conclusion, Sourcely stands out as a revolutionary tool, promising to save researchers over 100 hours of manual research. By simplifying the process of finding relevant sources, it empowers researchers to focus more on the actual content creation rather than spending excessive time on source identification.

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