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Reduce Plagiarism in Research Paper using Rephrasely & Rewording IO | AI Tool for Research Support

Reduce Plagiarism in Research Paper using Rephrasely & Rewording IO | AI Tool for Research Support


In today's digital age, creating unique and plagiarism-free content is crucial, especially for research articles. Plagiarism detection tools play a vital role in ensuring the authenticity of your work. In this article, we'll explore two powerful paraphrasing tools, namely "Rephrasely" and "Rewordify," and how they can help researchers in reducing plagiarism

Paraphrasing with Rephrasely:

Rephrasely is a state-of-the-art paraphrasing tool that offers variations of text in over 100 languages. It provides 12 free and six premium styles, allowing users to generate unique content effortlessly. Let's delve into how Rephrasely works:

  1. Composing Content:

  • Users can input their content, such as articles, essays, or executive summaries.

  • The tool offers options to choose from various languages and modes, including short, standard, summary, grammar, diplomatic, informal, and literary.

  1. Paraphrasing:

  • Users can copy and paste the content they want to paraphrase.

  • Rephrasely offers free and premium modes for paraphrasing, allowing users to select the appropriate style.

  • The paraphrased content can be downloaded or copied, ensuring flexibility in how users want to utilize it.

  1. Language Variations:

  • Rephrasely goes beyond standard paraphrasing by offering language variations. Users can choose different languages, such as Tamil, ensuring that the meaning remains consistent across translations.

Paraphrasing with Rewordify:

Rewordify is a free online paraphrasing tool and grammar checker designed to save time and prevent accidental plagiarism. Here's how you can use Rewordify:

  1. Selecting Options:

  • Rewordify provides three main options: Paraphraser, Summarizer, and Plagiarism checker.

  • Users can choose from standard, frequent, professional, or premium modes based on their paraphrasing needs.

  1. Paraphrasing:

  • Users can input up to 700 words for free paraphrasing.

  • The tool ensures the content is paraphrased effectively, providing an option to download or copy the paraphrased text.

  1. Summarizing:

  • Rewordify also offers a summarization option, condensing content while maintaining clarity.

  • Users can use this feature to generate concise summaries of their articles.


Paraphrasing tools like and Rewordify empower researchers to create unique and plagiarism-free content. By using these tools, researchers can confidently present their work without the risk of unintentional plagiarism. Whether composing articles, essays, or research papers, integrating these paraphrasing tools into your writing process can significantly enhance the quality and originality of your content.

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