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Manuscripts Correction & Proof check using AI Tool - Penelope Ai -Tutorial

Manuscripts Correction & Proof check using AI Tool - Penelope ai -Tutorial

Welcome to LMS Solution Research Support! In this blog post, we'll delve into the capabilities of an exciting AI tool called Penelope. This online tool serves as a valuable resource for researchers by automatically checking whether scientific manuscripts meet the specific requirements of journals. Today, we will explore how Penelope can be utilized to enhance the quality of your research article, increasing the likelihood of it being accepted by the targeted journal.

Uploading Your Manuscript

Let's start by navigating to and exploring the various options it offers. You can choose to upload your manuscript by clicking on the "Check a Manuscript" option.

For demonstration purposes, let's consider a sample paper titled "Grid-Connected Solar PV System with Battery Storage." This paper covers the abstract, introduction, proposed topology diagram, techniques used, simulation results, and a conclusion.

AI-Powered Analysis

Upon uploading your manuscript, Penelope prompts you to select the type of research article and specify where you collected the data. It's important to provide accurate information, as this contributes to the precision of the tool's analysis.

Once the initial details are entered, Penelope processes your manuscript and generates a detailed report. The report is sent to your email, and you'll receive a password to view the feedback.

Analyzing Feedback

Click on the "Viewer Feedback" option and enter the provided password. The detailed report will then be accessible, providing insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript.

Key Suggestions and Improvements:

Author Details:

  • Ensure email details of each author are included.

  • Verify that all authors are named on the title page.

Keywords and Word Count:

  • Add keywords to enhance searchability.

  • Include the word count, an often overlooked detail.

Abstract and Subheadings:

  • Consider adding subheadings to the abstract.

  • Specify conflicts of interest and data statements.

Figures and Images:

  • Check image resolution, avoiding pixelation.

  • Submit figures as separate files; avoid using JPGs.

References and Citations:

  • Confirm that all cited sources appear in the reference list.

  • Ensure references match citations in the manuscript.

Clear Research Aims:

  • Clearly state the main study aims, measures, hypothesis, and research questions.

  • Specify whether the study is confirmatory or exploratory.

Proper Citations:

  • Double-check that all references are cited in the text.


Penelope AI serves as a powerful assistant in refining your manuscript for journal submissions. By diligently addressing the suggestions provided, you can significantly improve the quality and adherence of your research article to journal expectations. Utilizing such AI tools can streamline the editing process, ultimately increasing the chances of your article being accepted.

Incorporate these insights into your manuscript preparation process and witness the positive impact on the quality and acceptance rate of your research articles. Thank you for reading, and may your research endeavors be met with success!

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