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Make your Research Plan Easier Using Goblin Tools

Make your Research Plan Easier Using Goblin Tools

Here, we introduce an essential AI tool designed to assist researchers in managing complex tasks and streamlining their workflow. Join us as we explore Goblin Tools, a versatile platform that simplifies research tasks by breaking them down into manageable fragments.

Exploring Goblin Tools:

Goblin Tools is a collection of simple single-task tools aimed at assisting individuals, particularly those who find tasks overwhelming or challenging. This comprehensive platform offers various functionalities to help researchers navigate through their work efficiently. Let's delve into the key features of Goblin Tools and how they can enhance the research process.

Magic to Do:

The "Magic to Do" feature in Goblin Tools allows users to create checklists for complex tasks. By breaking down tasks into smaller steps, researchers can organize their work and tackle each component individually. For example, when writing a literature review, users can create a checklist outlining the steps involved, such as selecting a topic, searching for relevant sources, taking notes, and drafting the review. This feature provides a structured approach to task management, making it easier to stay organized and focused.


The "Formalizer" tool enables users to transform text into different styles or tones. Whether you need to make your writing more formal, professional, or concise, this tool offers various options to suit your preferences. By adjusting parameters such as spiciness level and formality, users can tailor their writing to meet specific requirements. For instance, researchers can convert informal language into formal academic prose or vice versa, depending on the context of their work.


Goblin Tools' "Judge" feature evaluates the tone and style of the text, providing feedback on its clarity, professionalism, and emotional content. This tool helps researchers assess the effectiveness of their writing and make adjustments as needed. By analyzing language use and expression, users can ensure their writing aligns with the intended audience and purpose. For example, researchers can use this feature to gauge the clarity and professionalism of their literature review or research findings, ensuring they communicate effectively with readers.


The "Estimator" tool predicts the time required to complete a task based on its complexity and scope. By providing time estimates for different activities, researchers can plan their workload more effectively and allocate resources accordingly. This feature helps users manage their time more efficiently and prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. For instance, researchers can use this tool to estimate the time needed to conduct a literature review, analyze data, or write a research paper, allowing them to meet deadlines and stay on track with their projects.


The "Compiler" feature generates task lists from brainstormed ideas or concepts, helping researchers organize their thoughts and plan their workflow. By compiling ideas into actionable tasks, users can create structured plans for tackling research projects. This feature facilitates collaboration and coordination among team members, ensuring everyone is aligned with project goals and objectives. For example, researchers can use this tool to generate task lists for literature reviews, experimental design, data analysis, and manuscript writing, ensuring all aspects of the research process are covered.


Goblin Tools emerges as a valuable resource for researchers seeking to streamline their workflow and manage complex tasks more effectively. By offering a range of tools for task management, writing assistance, and time estimation, Goblin Tools empowers researchers to overcome challenges and achieve their research goals with confidence. Incorporate Goblin Tools into your research toolkit today and experience the benefits of enhanced productivity and efficiency in your work.

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