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Important AI Tool for Content Writing | Writerly AI | Writepanda AI | AI Tool for Research support

Important AI Tool for Content Writing | Writerly AI | Writepanda AI | AI Tool for Research support


In today's video, we'll explore two powerful AI tools, Writerly AI and Writepanda AI, that promise to revolutionize content creation. These tools offer a range of features catering to various writing needs, including academic research, blog post creation, and more. Let's delve into the functionalities of each tool and understand how they can be valuable assets in our content creation journey.

1. Writerly AI: Unleashing Creative Writing Potential

Dashboard Overview:

Writerly AI provides a user-friendly dashboard with distinct categories such as Chat Works, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, E-commerce, Social Media, Website, Academic, and Recruiting. Each category offers specific options tailored to diverse writing requirements.

Key Features:

  • Academic Section: Tailored for academic needs, Writerly AI assists in generating content for various sections of research articles, essays, essay outlines, professional bios, and more.

  • Long Form Writer: Ideal for bloggers and thesis writers, this feature helps in brainstorming ideas, generating blog outlines, and even assisting in paragraph creation.

  • Content Improver: Enhance the quality of existing content with the content improver feature, refining language and grammar for improved readability.

Pricing Plans:

Writerly AI offers flexible pricing plans, including a free version with up to 10,000 words per month. For unlimited usage, users can subscribe to the premium plan.

Use Case: By utilizing Writerly AI's academic features, users can efficiently draft sections of research papers, essays, and even professional bios, making it a versatile tool for content creation in the academic sphere.

2. Writepanda AI: Extracting Insights from Multimedia Content


Writepanda AI stands out with its unique feature of extracting insights from multimedia content. Users can input URLs from podcasts, YouTube videos, websites, or PDFs to generate content.

Key Features:

  • Podcast and YouTube Analysis: Users can enter URLs or upload audio files to extract valuable content for use in articles or other written forms.

  • Website and PDF Analysis: The tool reads content from websites or PDFs, providing summarizations and explanations.

Use Case:

Writepanda AI is particularly handy for content creators looking to leverage insights from multimedia sources, making it an excellent tool for those who wish to transform spoken or visual content into written form.


Both Writerly AI and Writepanda AI offer unique features that cater to diverse content creation needs. Writerly AI's academic focus and versatile writing options make it an excellent choice for research-related content. On the other hand, Writepanda AI's multimedia analysis capabilities provide a bridge between spoken or visual content and written form.

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