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How to use chat gpt for summarize the academic journal articles

How to use chat gpt for summarize the academic journal articles


Hello viewers! Welcome to LMS Solution support. In today's discussion, we'll explore how to utilize ChatGPT for summarizing academic journal articles sourced from Google Scholar. This can be an invaluable tool for researchers and students looking to efficiently gather information and insights from scholarly publications. Let's dive into the process using examples and understand how ChatGPT can aid in summarizing and analyzing academic content.

Utilizing Google Scholar

To start, head to Google Scholar and choose a relevant academic paper. For illustration, let's consider a paper on "PV Emulator." After selecting a paper, copy the details up to the introduction section.

Now, navigate to ChatGPT, and paste the copied content. This is where the magic begins.

Summarizing Academic Articles with ChatGPT

Step 1: Summarize the Paper

First Prompt:

  • Summarize the following views on PV Emulator by providing three arguments and three counterarguments for each. Share your thoughts on their conclusion.

After entering this prompt, ChatGPT will generate a summary of the paper, including the main arguments and counterarguments.

Step 2: Analyzing Another Paper

Now, let's consider another paper:

Second Prompt:

  • Summarize scholarly publications about PV Emulator. Synthesize five major concerns from the two papers and provide a detailed analysis. Additionally, outline two questions for further discussion.

This step involves extracting major concerns from multiple papers and outlining questions for deeper exploration.

Step 3: Creating an Outline

Third Prompt:

  • Provide an outline for a research paper on PV Emulator based on the two articles. Include sections like Introduction, Five Major Concerns, Analysis of Present Conditions, Future Prospects, and Potential Improvements, and a Conclusion.

ChatGPT will then generate a comprehensive outline for your research paper, streamlining your writing process.

Step 4: Generating Discussion Topics

Fourth Prompt:

  • As a student studying PV Emulator, request relevant discussion topics from the two articles. Ask for a complete list for five months and two questions for further discussion. Also, seek expansion on two novel ways of looking at PV Emulator.

This prompt helps in generating discussion topics and exploring novel perspectives on the research topic.

Step 5: Detailed Elaboration

Fifth Prompt:

  • Elaborate on the introduction section of the research paper on PV Emulator, providing 500 words.

Here, you can request detailed elaboration on specific sections of your research paper to enhance clarity and depth.

Step 6: Final Insights and Questions

Sixth Prompt:

  • Summarize the importance, features, environmental aspects, research and development role, and cost of PV Emulator. Additionally, provide two questions for further discussion.

This final prompt wraps up the session by summarizing crucial aspects and generating thought-provoking questions for deeper analysis.


In conclusion, leveraging ChatGPT for summarizing and analyzing academic papers from Google Scholar can significantly enhance your research process. By carefully structuring prompts, you can extract valuable insights, outline research papers, and generate discussion topics. The flexibility of ChatGPT makes it a powerful ally for students and researchers alike.

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