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How to Search & Download Research Papers | Free Websites & AI tools

How to Search & Download Research Papers | Free Websites & AI tools


In the realm of academia, finding relevant research papers is crucial for literature surveys and building a solid foundation for your own research. This video aims to shed light on various websites and AI tools that can aid in the search for research papers. Let's explore these platforms to make your research paper journey more efficient.

1. Google Scholar:

Google Scholar remains a staple for researchers worldwide. By entering specific keywords like "recent papers in renewable energy resources," you can unearth a plethora of papers. Don't limit yourself to the first page; explore up to 10 pages to discover a comprehensive array of papers.

2. ResearchGate:

ResearchGate is a valuable platform where researchers share their work. You can search for recent papers related to your topic and, if necessary, create an account to download papers for free.

3. ScienceOpen:

ScienceOpen is an interactive platform that offers a unique way to explore research. By inputting your topic, you can find relevant journals and content related to your area of interest.

4. DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals):

DOAJ is a repository of open-access journals and articles. You can search for articles based on various criteria, such as title, abstract, subject, or author. It's an excellent resource for accessing open-access content.

5. Semantic Scholar:

Semantic Scholar utilizes AI to provide a database of research articles. By inputting keywords like "MPPT algorithms," you can find a range of papers, including abstracts, to aid in your literature survey.

6. Pubmed:

Pubmed, a renowned database, offers a vast collection of articles. By searching for specific keywords, you can access articles related to your research area, each with valuable information and abstracts.

AI Tools for Paper Discovery:

7. utilizes AI to generate a map of research papers based on your keywords. It offers a visual representation that can aid in exploring and expanding your search.

8. Elicit:

Elicit is a tool designed for literature review. It not only provides abstracts but also extracts key points and outcomes from research papers, offering a comprehensive overview.

9. ChatGPT:

ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI, can be used to generate reference papers. By asking for specific references, it provides links to relevant papers, which can then be explored further for your literature survey.

Tips for Downloading Papers:

After identifying papers of interest, tools like **Sci-Hub** can be utilized to access and download research papers. Simply copy and paste the paper title or DOI number into Sci-Hub to access the desired content.


Efficient literature surveying is foundational for successful research. By leveraging these websites and AI tools, researchers can streamline the process of finding, exploring, and downloading relevant research papers. Remember to use multiple platforms for a comprehensive search and make informed decisions for your literature review. Happy researching!

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