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Free online coding Tutorial || Learn programming codes

Free online coding Tutorial || Learn programming codes

Hello, dear viewers! Today, we'll explore a remarkable online platform called Replit, where you can not only craft and compile your programming codes but also access free online courses. This video aims to guide you through the features of Replete, showcasing its diverse coding options and how you can leverage it for online learning

Exploring Replit: Your Browser-Based Code Companion

Replit is a live coding environment accessible through your browser, supporting over 50 programming languages. It serves as an excellent platform to code and deploy real projects seamlessly. Let's dive into the video and see how you can maximize the potential of Replit.

Coding Templates

Upon entering Replete, you're greeted with various coding templates, including Python, HTML, CSS, C++, and more. Selecting a template allows you to start coding immediately in the corresponding language. The site provides a user-friendly code editor for an efficient coding experience.

Learning with Replit: 100 Days of Code

Replit offers an intriguing learning path known as "100 Days of Code." This structured course is designed to teach Python programming basics over the span of 100 days. Let's explore how you can access and benefit from this free course.

  1. Day-wise Tutorial Videos: The 100 Days of Code course includes tutorial videos for each day, guiding you through various programming concepts. The videos cover topics like printing, input variables, concatenation, and more.

  2. Hands-On Coding: You can code in real-time alongside the tutorial videos. Replit provides a workspace where you can input code snippets and see the output instantly.

  3. Marking Lessons as Complete: After completing a day's lesson, you have the option to mark it as complete, allowing you to track your progress.

Example: Day 2 Tutorial

Let's take a glimpse into the Day 2 tutorial. The video introduces the input command, demonstrating how it differs from the print command. Users are encouraged to input values and see the program's response.

Example: Day 3 Tutorial

Moving forward, Day 3 covers concatenation and encourages users to impress their friends by completing a fun recipe-making project. The video guides you through the coding process, allowing hands-on learning.

Coding and Compiling Online

Replit code editor allows you to input, edit, and compile your code online. This real-time compilation ensures a smooth and interactive coding experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder, Replit caters to diverse skill levels.


In conclusion, Replit stands out as a dynamic platform for both learning and practicing coding skills. The 100 Days of Code course is an excellent resource for Python enthusiasts, offering structured lessons and hands-on coding opportunities.

We hope this guide provides valuable insights into Replit and encourages you to embark on your coding journey. Feel free to explore the platform, engage in the tutorials, and enhance your programming skills.

Thank you for tuning in! We trust this video will assist you in utilizing Replete for an enriched coding and learning experience. Have a wonderful day!

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