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Find Best Chatgpt Prompts for Research using Flowgpt| Find & Use the Prompt | AI Tool

Find Best Chatgpt Prompts for Research using Flowgpt| Find & Use the Prompt | AI Tool


Welcome to LMS Solution's research support! In recent videos, we've delved into the significance of creating effective prompts for ChatGPT. Today, we'll explore two valuable tools that assist in generating prompts, enhancing the quality of your research articles and content creation. Specifically, we'll focus on the Flow GPT platform.

Flow GPT: A Hub of Quality Prompts

Flow GPT offers a user-friendly dashboard with a rich collection of prompts tailored for various purposes. Let's dive into how this tool can be instrumental for crafting research-related prompts.

Accessing Flow GPT Dashboard:

Navigate to the Flow GPT dashboard, where you'll encounter a categorized collection of prompts. Click on "Research" to explore prompts tailored for academic and research purposes.

Research Paper Summary Prompt:

  • Click on "Research Paper Summary" to access a prompt designed for summarizing research papers.

  • The provided prompt instructs the user to act as a research paper summarizer, offering a specific topic for summarization.

  • An example prompt is generated, instructing the summarization of a paper on solar photovoltaic system modeling and performance prediction.

Research Proposal Prompt:

  • Explore the "Research Proposal" section, providing prompts for crafting research proposals.

  • The prompt instructs the user to act as a research proposal writer, outlining the focus, research questions, and methods for the proposed research.

  • An example prompt is generated for a research proposal on solar PV system modeling.

Dynamic Research Prompt:

  • Engage with the "Dynamic Research" section, allowing users to generate prompts dynamically.

  • By acting as a prompt generator, users input a research topic, and the tool prompts them to create detailed prompts for in-depth research articles.

Trending and Popular Prompts:

  • Explore trending, popular, and most-liked prompts to gather inspiration and ideas.

  • These prompts cover a range of academic topics and can be customized based on your research interests.

Create Your Own Prompt:

  • Utilize the "Create Your Own Prompt" feature to input your research topic and receive a detailed prompt.

  • The tool prompts you for the topic, ensuring a tailored and relevant result.

Flow GPT Extension:

  • Consider adding the Flow GPT extension for seamless access to prompts directly while browsing.


Flow GPT serves as a valuable resource for researchers, providing a diverse array of prompts for various aspects of academic writing. By leveraging this tool, you can enhance your research paper summaries, create compelling research proposals, and dynamically generate prompts tailored to your specific topics.

In our next video, we will delve into another powerful tool, Prompt Star, for creating effective prompts. Stay tuned for more insights into optimizing your content creation process.

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