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Exploring Google Bard | Bard AI | Checking Plagiarism & Content Quality| Bard Review

Exploring Google Bard | Bard AI | Checking Plagiarism & Content Quality| Bard Review


Welcome to LMS Solution Research Support! In today's video, we embark on a journey to explore Google Bot, a chatbot developed by Google. We'll unravel the options available and understand how Google Bot generates output for various input prompts. Let's dive into the intricacies of Google Bot in this comprehensive guide.

Generating General Content:

  • Google Bot functions as a content generator, similar to ChatGPT. By providing a prompt like "Generate an essay about 200 words on the title 'Renewable Energy Sources,'" the bot generates a brief yet informative content piece.

Plagiarism Check with CopyLeaks:

  • To assess the generated content's originality, we use CopyLeaks, a plagiarism detection tool. The initial content yielded an 81.4% match. We then employed the "LeaveRight" prompt to rephrase the paragraph and checked for plagiarism again. Surprisingly, the match percentage increased to 96.1%, suggesting the need for additional tools for effective paraphrasing.

Generating Thesis Outline:

  • We tested Google Bot's capability to generate a thesis outline with the prompt "Generate an outline for the thesis titled 'Grid-Connected Solar PV System for Electric Vehicle Charging Station.'" The output provided a basic structure, but it lacked the detailed content required for a thesis. It highlights the current experimental nature of Google Bot, emphasizing the need for further development and training.

Activity History:

  • Google Bot allows users to review their activity history, storing prompts submitted, responses received, and feedback provided. This feature enhances user engagement and provides a convenient way to track interactions.

Conclusion: Google Bot stands as an experimental chatbot, showcasing promising capabilities in content generation. While it may be suitable for simple blog post content, its current limitations, especially in handling plagiarism and generating detailed academic content, indicate room for improvement. As Google continues to refine and train this tool, we can anticipate enhanced functionalities.

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