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Correct Thesis & Project Report using Easywrite | Chatgpt like Chatbot | Research Support | AI Tool

Correct Thesis & Project Report using Easywrite | Chatgpt like Chatbot | Research Support | AI Tool

Welcome, fellow researchers! Today at LMS Solution Research Support, we'll be delving into an invaluable tool designed to enhance your writing experience. Whether you're working on your thesis, project reports, or any written document, EasyWrite has got you covered. Join us in this video as we explore the functionalities of EasyWrite and how it can streamline your writing tasks, correct grammatical errors, and even generate content. Let's get started!

Introduction to EasyWrite:

EasyWrite is a dynamic writing platform that caters to both businesses and individuals. It aims to automate various writing tasks, making the writing process more efficient. In this guide, we'll primarily focus on its proofreading capabilities, blog writing features, and the interactive chat functionality.

Getting Started with EasyWrite:

  1. Sign Up and Verification:

  • Begin by signing up on EasyWrite using your Gmail ID. The process is straightforward, and a verification email will be sent to you.

  1. Accessing the Dashboard:

  • After verifying your email, log in to EasyWrite to access a user-friendly dashboard.

Proofreading with EasyWrite:

  1. Navigate to Proofreading:

  • Explore the various writing options available, and for our primary focus on proofreading, click on the "Proofreading" feature.

  1. Copy-Paste Content:

  • Copy a section of your text, such as a paragraph from your thesis or project report, and paste it into the proofreading section.

  1. Submit and Review:

  • Click "Submit" to initiate the proofreading process. EasyWrite will promptly review your content and provide suggestions for grammatical improvements.

  1. Correction Feedback:

  • Review the feedback provided by EasyWrite, which may include suggested punctuation, grammar corrections, and overall clarity assessments.

Blog Writing with EasyWrite:

  1. Accessing Blog Writing Feature:

  • Explore the "Blog" section to generate content for a blog post. Input relevant keywords related to your topic.

  1. Keyword Input:

  • For instance, input keywords like "renewable energy," "solar PV," "wind," and "biogas."

  1. Content Generation:

  • Click "Submit" to let EasyWrite generate a blog post based on your provided keywords. This feature is helpful not only for blog writing but also for extracting technical content for academic purposes.

  1. Review and Edit:

  • Review the generated content, and if necessary, edit it to suit your specific requirements.

Interactive Chat Functionality:

  1. Accessing the Chat Feature:

  • Explore the "Chat" section to engage in conversations with EasyWrite.

  1. Chatbot Interaction:

  • Use this feature for asking questions, requesting assistance, or simply engaging in a chatbot-like interaction.

  1. Prompt Example:

  • Input a prompt like "Explain the step-by-step procedure to write a research paper."

  1. Generated Content:

  • EasyWrite will generate content based on your prompt, providing a structured response.

Abstract Generation:

  1. Generate an Abstract:

  • Input a topic, such as "Grid Connected PV System," and request EasyWrite to generate an abstract.

  1. Generated Abstract:

  • Review the abstract generated by EasyWrite, showcasing its ability to succinctly summarize a topic.


In conclusion, EasyWrite emerges as a versatile tool for writers, researchers, and students alike. Its proofreading capabilities ensure grammatical correctness, while the blog writing feature assists in content creation. The interactive chat functionality adds a conversational element, making it a comprehensive writing companion.

Whether you're fine-tuning your thesis, crafting blog posts, or seeking assistance with various writing tasks, EasyWrite stands out as a valuable ally. Embrace the efficiency and convenience it offers to elevate your writing experience.

Thank you for joining us in this exploration of EasyWrite. We trust that incorporating this tool into your writing routine will bring about enhanced clarity and precision in your documents.

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