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Convert Tables to Text in Research Paper using Bard AI |Compared with Chatgpt | AI Tool |Google bard

Convert Tables to Text in Research Paper using Bard AI |Compared with Chatgpt | AI Tool |Google bard


In the realm of research and content creation, tools that facilitate efficiency and innovation are highly sought after. One such tool that has gained attention is Google Bot. In this blog post, we will delve into the capabilities of Google Bot, focusing on its ability to convert tables into text. Additionally, we will compare the text generated by Google Bot with that of ChatGPT to evaluate their respective contributions to research support.

Converting Tables into Text with Google Bot:

Google Bard, a Google-powered tool, offers a range of functionalities, including plagiarism checking and content generation. One standout feature is its ability to convert tables into explanatory text. Let's explore the process:

  1. Selecting a Table:

  • Users can choose a table from their research, typically containing data that needs explanation.

  • For demonstration, a table comparing voltage and current of non-isolated converters is used.

  1. Input Prompt:

  • A prompt is provided to Google Bard, requesting an explanation for the selected table.

  • For instance, the prompt could be "Explain the above table."

  1. Output Generation:

  • Google Bard generates a detailed explanation of the table, breaking down the parameters and providing insights into the data.

  • Each aspect of the table is systematically explained, offering a textual representation of the information.

  1. Comparison with ChatGPT:

  • The generated text is compared with that produced by ChatGPT to evaluate the effectiveness of both tools.

Observations and Comparisons:

  1. Google Bard Output:

  • The output from Google Bard is presented in a structured manner, providing comprehensive details about each parameter in the table.

  • For instance, it successfully explains the comparative assessment of voltage and current for different non-isolated converters.

  1. ChatGPT Output:

  • ChatGPT, when given a similar prompt, also produces explanatory text for the table.

  • The output is detailed, and it specifically excels in providing mode-wise explanations, offering a nuanced understanding of the data.

  1. Usage Scenarios:

  • Google Bard can be utilized for straightforward explanations, and its output may serve as a starting point for further refinement.

  • ChatGPT, with its detailed and context-aware responses, can be particularly useful for more complex tables that require in-depth explanations.

Beyond Tables: Exploring Google Bard Capabilities:

Apart from converting tables, Google Bard exhibits proficiency in generating content based on URLs. Users can input a video URL or link, and Google Bard attempts to explain the content associated with that link.


In conclusion, Google Bard proves to be a valuable tool for converting tables into text, providing a quick and structured overview of research data. While it may serve as a reliable option for straightforward explanations, ChatGPT excels in generating nuanced and detailed content, especially for more complex scenarios.

Researchers and content creators can leverage both Google Bard and ChatGPT based on the complexity of their requirements, ensuring a versatile and efficient approach to content generation. As technology continues to evolve, these tools become indispensable companions in the realm of research support.

This exploration of Google Bard capabilities showcases its potential as a multifaceted tool that extends beyond plagiarism checking, making it a noteworthy asset in the researcher's toolkit. Whether converting tables or exploring URLs, Google Bard adds versatility to the content creation process.

In the ever-evolving landscape of research support tools, embracing a combination of innovative solutions ensures a comprehensive and streamlined approach to content creation and analysis. Thank you for reading, and may your research endeavors be met with success!

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