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ContentBot AI | Article Writing & Paraphrasing AI tool

ContentBot AI | Article Writing & Paraphrasing AI tool

Greetings, friends! Welcome to LMS Solution Research Support. In this video, we'll explore another remarkable AI tool designed to elevate your article preparation and research writing. Join us as we delve into the unique features and essential options offered by this powerful tool.

Introduction to ContentBot.AI

The tool we're discussing today is ContentBot.AI. To access it, simply type "" into your Google search and click on the link. Let's dive into the details of this tool, including its pricing options, but before that, let's explore the various functionalities it provides.

Getting Started with ContentBot.AI

Signing Up:

  • Click on "Start Writing Now."

  • Sign up effortlessly with your Google account.

Dashboard Overview:

The dashboard presents a range of options, including Documents, Rephraser, Main Breaker, Automate, Blog Shots, Short Form, Log Bundles, Plagiarism, Blog Post Wizards, Integrations, Summarizer, and Discover.

Chrome Extension:

  • You can enhance your experience by downloading the Google Chrome extension, allowing you to use ContentBot.AI seamlessly while browsing.

Exploring ContentBot.AI Options


  • Create a new document by specifying your topic or start writing directly.

Rephraser (Refreshing):

  • Copy and paste content to refresh it instantly, offering an alternative version.


  • Utilize the writer option to generate content by providing a topic or question.

Short Form Tools:

  • Explore various short form tools, such as instructing the AI to write about a specific topic, creating a blog intro, generating talking points, and more.

Explain Like a Professor:

  • Input information, and let the AI generate content in a manner resembling a professor's explanation.

Product Descriptions:

  • Easily create product descriptions for marketing or affiliate purposes.

Plagiarism Checker:

  • Copy and paste content to check for plagiarism, ensuring the originality of your work.

Pricing Options

ContentBot.AI offers different pricing plans to suit your needs:


  • $0.5 per 1000 words.


  • Suitable for up to 55,000 words.


  • Enhanced features with different pricing options.

Forever Premium Plus:

  • Comprehensive access to all features.


ContentBot.AI is a versatile AI tool that simplifies content creation, from refreshing existing content to generating new ideas for short form content and even creating product descriptions. Explore its capabilities and find the plan that suits your requirements.

Thank you for tuning in to this video. We hope it proves helpful for your content creation endeavors. Have a wonderful day!

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