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Chatgpt AIPRM Prompt for Literature Review Writing & Multiple choice question Preparation

Chatgpt AIPRM Prompt for Literature Review Writing & Multiple choice question Preparation

Hello friends, and welcome back to LMS Solution Research Support. In our last video, we delved into AIPRM, a Google extension that can be added to our Chrome browser. We discussed how this extension can be effectively used with ChatGPT, exploring different prompts and generating content. In this video, we will focus on the important features available in the AIPRM extension and how these options can enhance our research article preparation. So, let's dive into today's video and open ChatGPT to explore the crucial options offered by the AIPRM extension.

AIPRM Extension Features

Topic Selection:

  • Categories include copywriting, developers, generative AI, marketing, operating systems, productivity, SEO, software application, software engineering, and more.

Activity Sorting:

  • Activities such as script writing, design, games, keywords, positioning, product description, code script writing, sports writing, spreadsheets, and text summarization are available.


  • Generate prompts for summarizing content, including blog post title generation, meta title description, and more. There are 92 prompts available in this category.

Analyze Website:

  • Extract key points and consistency from a given URL, aiding in research article preparation.

How to Use AIPRM Extension for Summarization

Let's take an example of summarizing an article on renewable energy. Copy the URL of the article, paste it into ChatGPT, and see how it generates key points. These key takeaways can be utilized in your content creation.

Research Paper Summary

Research Paper Title:

  • Enter the title of the paper to generate a summary. For example, the video demonstrates summarizing a paper on MPPT optimization algorithms.

Literature Survey Points:

  • Generate points for literature survey along with citations to improve your research article. Ensure to verify and correct author names.

Text Summarization Options

Extreme Text Summarizer:

  • Summarizes paragraphs without losing meaning, helpful in addressing plagiarism concerns.

Summarize PDF:

  • Summarize content from a downloaded PDF, streamlining the research process.

Effortless Book Summaries:

  • Provides concise summaries for books, aiding in quick content reference.

Quiz Question Generation

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions:

  • Generate multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with answers. Ideal for teachers preparing quizzes for students.

Additional Features

Meeting Minutes Summary:

  • Summarize meeting minutes and outline next steps.

Positive Review Writer:

  • Craft positive reviews for blog post content using this option.

Prompt Generator:

  • Create prompts and keywords for various topics.

YouTube Video Summarizer:

  • Summarize the content of YouTube videos by using their transcripts.


In conclusion, the AIPRM extension offers a diverse range of features to enhance your research article preparation. From summarizing articles and generating literature survey points to creating MCQs and writing positive reviews, this extension proves to be a valuable tool. By exploring these options, you can significantly improve the quality of your research content and project reports. We hope this video has been helpful for you. Thank you for watching, and have a great day!

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