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Biggest Search Engine for Researchers | Connected Papers | Best References for your Research Paper

Biggest Search Engine for Researchers | Connected Papers | Best References for your Research Paper

Greetings, friends! Welcome to LMS Solution. In this video, we will unravel the potential of an essential search engine designed specifically for research papers. This tool is a game-changer, providing researchers with a comprehensive platform to explore papers in their specific area of interest. Whether you're focused on a particular topic or have a reference paper's DOI, this search engine can seamlessly connect you with related academic papers, making it an invaluable resource for your research journey.

Introduction to Connected Papers:

Connected Papers is a powerful tool that assists researchers in exploring and understanding academic papers. By entering a title, topic, or DOI related to your paper of interest, you can uncover a network of interconnected papers, streamlining the process of literature review and reference selection.

How to Use Connected Papers:

  1. Entering Your Topic:

  • Simply input your chosen title or topic. For instance, if you're exploring "Grid Connected Solar PV System," enter the title and proceed to build the graph.

  1. Building Your Graph:

  • Click on the "Build Your Graph" option. Connected Papers will generate a visual representation of papers related to your topic.

  1. Analyzing the Graph:

  • The graph showcases the main paper (2016) and its connections to recent papers. Each node represents a paper, and the connections indicate relevance.

  1. Selecting Reference Papers:

  • Choose reference papers that closely align with your research. This step is crucial for building a robust literature survey and impactful introduction.

  1. Exploring Reference Papers:

  • Use options like "Open in Semantics Scholar" or "Open in Google Scholar" to explore and gather more details about the selected reference papers.

  1. Alternative Search Options:

  • Connected Papers allows searching via paper DOI, title, URL, or even the paper itself, ensuring flexibility and comprehensive search capabilities.

Pricing Plans:

Connected Papers offers various pricing plans, with the basic plan allowing up to 5 graphs per month. For extensive usage and access to all features, there's a subscription plan priced at 258.28 rupees per month, catering to academics, non-profits, and personal users.

Benefits of Using Connected Papers:

  1. Visual Overview:

  • Get a visual representation of an academic field, helping you understand the depth and breadth of research connections.

  1. Avoid Missing Important Papers:

  • Unlike traditional search engines, Connected Papers ensures you don't miss relevant papers buried in later pages, enhancing the quality of your literature survey.

  1. Algorithmic Clustering:

  • The algorithm uses force-directed graph principles to cluster similar papers, providing a visually intuitive and meaningful representation.

  1. Optimized Literature Survey:

  • Selecting reference papers wisely through Connected Papers ensures a well-weighted and impactful introduction in your research article.


In conclusion, Connected Papers emerges as a valuable tool for researchers, aiding in the efficient exploration of academic papers. Its unique visual representation, algorithmic clustering, and seamless integration with popular search engines make it a must-have for those embarking on research endeavors.

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