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Analyze Research paper Better using Unriddle AI | Make Literature Review Easy |

Analyze Research paper Better using Unriddle AI | Make Literature Review Easy |

We delve into the functionalities of Unriddle AI, a powerful tool designed to streamline the analysis of research papers, particularly for literature survey purposes. Unriddle AI offers features such as automatic question generation and answer extraction, making it a valuable asset for researchers seeking to gain insights from scholarly documents efficiently.

Accessing Unriddle AI:

To access Unriddle AI, users can visit the platform's website and log in using their Gmail ID. Once logged in, users gain access to a dashboard where they can upload research papers for analysis.

Analyzing Research Papers:

  1. Uploading Papers: Users can upload research papers in PDF format directly to Unriddle AI for analysis. The platform supports the analysis of both PDF documents and text input.

  2. Generating Questions: Unriddle AI automatically generates questions based on the content of the uploaded research paper. These questions cover key aspects of the paper, allowing users to gain deeper insights into its content.

  3. Extracting Answers: The platform not only generates questions but also provides answers to them. Users can explore the answers generated by Unriddle AI to better understand the nuances of the research paper.

  4. Custom Questioning: In addition to the automatically generated questions, users have the flexibility to type in their own questions related to the paper. Unriddle AI will provide answers to these custom queries, enhancing the user's ability to extract relevant information.

Utilizing Premium Features:

  1. Upgrade Options: Unriddle AI offers upgrade options for users who require additional functionalities beyond the free plan. Premium features include increased monthly credits, access to chatbot features, and the ability to summarize web pages.

  2. Affiliate Program: Users can also participate in Unriddle AI's affiliate program, allowing them to earn rewards by referring the platform to friends and followers. Affiliates earn a percentage of the first payment made by new users who sign up through their referral link.


Unriddle AI presents a valuable resource for researchers seeking to simplify the process of literature survey analysis. By automatically generating questions, extracting answers, and offering customization options, the platform empowers users to gain meaningful insights from research papers with ease. Whether utilizing the free plan or upgrading to access premium features, Unriddle AI provides a comprehensive solution for literature survey needs.

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