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AI Tool with many Templates for Academic Writing | Toolsit.AI | Better conclusion for Research paper

AI Tool with many Templates for Academic Writing | Toolsit.AI | Better conclusion for Research paper


In this blog post, we will delve into the features and functionalities of Tools ID, an AI tool that offers a plethora of templates designed to enhance content creation and support various writing needs. With a focus on academic writing and research support, we will explore key templates and showcase how this tool can be a valuable asset for researchers and content creators alike.

Navigating the Dashboard:

Upon entering the Tools ID dashboard, users are greeted with a user-friendly interface. The tool allows users to generate 200 words for free without the need for a subscription, making it accessible for users looking to explore its capabilities.

Template Categories:

Tools ID offers a diverse range of templates categorized for specific writing purposes. Some notable categories include:

  1. Blog: Templates for blog ideas, titles, intros, conclusions, tags, and summaries.

  2. Emails: Templates for discount emails, testimonials, promotional emails, and follow-up emails.

  3. Social Media: Captions for Instagram, YouTube video titles, descriptions, and video tags.

  4. Websites: Templates for website answers, review titles, tags, and descriptions.

  5. Writing: Academic essay, article generation, paragraph generator, and content rewriter templates.

  6. Miscellaneous: Templates for generating startup ideas, job descriptions, motivational quotes, and even song lyrics.

Academic Writing Support:

  1. Paragraph Generator:

  • Users can input a title and main points, and the tool generates a coherent paragraph. This feature is particularly useful for creating introductions or summaries for research papers.

  1. Content Rewriter:

  • With a focus on maintaining key points, the tool can rewrite content while preserving the original message. This is beneficial for avoiding plagiarism and ensuring the integrity of the research content.

  1. Conclusion Generator:

  • The tool aids in crafting conclusions for blog posts or research papers. It generates well-structured paragraphs summarizing key points, making it a handy resource for content creators.

Image Generation:

Users can also experiment with image generation by providing prompts. While the tool may not create highly specialized images for research purposes, it can be useful for general topics and presentations.

Subscription Details:

Tools ID offers free access for 2000 words per month, making it a viable option for occasional users. The tool provides five images, two speech-to-text conversions, and accommodates a 2 MB audio file size limit within the free subscription.


Tools ID emerges as a versatile AI tool, catering to diverse writing needs with its array of templates. While it may not replace the need for in-depth research and technical writing in academic contexts, it serves as a valuable resource for generating content, rewriting text, and crafting conclusions. Users are encouraged to explore the tool's capabilities and consider subscription options for extended access.

By leveraging Tools ID's features, content creators and researchers can streamline their writing processes and experiment with innovative approaches to generate engaging and informative content.

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