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AI Tool for Research & Technical Content Writing | Cohere AI | Summarize content | Tutorial

AI Tool for Research & Technical Content Writing | Cohere AI | Summarize content | Tutorial


Welcome, friends, to another enlightening session by LMS Solution's research support. In this video, we explore the capabilities of Cohere, an AI-powered tool designed to facilitate academic writing and streamline the research article preparation process. Let's delve into the key features that make Cohere a valuable asset for researchers and writers.

Navigating the Cohere Dashboard:

Upon logging in, the Cohere dashboard offers a range of options to explore. Here, we discuss the notable features that can significantly enhance your research endeavors.

Cohere Playground:

  • Clicking on "Go to Playground" opens up a space for content generation.

  • Example: Inputting "Explain the process of installing solar panels in a home."

  • Result: Cohere generates a detailed response, breaking down the installation process into research, finding a solar installer, getting a code, scheduling the installation, and testing.

  • Another Example: Inputting "Give the outline for the title 'Grid-Connected Solar System.'"

  • Result: Cohere provides a structured outline including introduction, science behind grid-connected systems, benefits, challenges, and the future of grid-connected solar systems.


  • Cohere allows classification of text based on examples provided.

  • Example: Classifying a list of text based on training examples.

  • Result: The tool classifies and labels input text, providing a review based on the examples provided.


  • The "Embed" feature takes a list of sentences and outputs a list of vectors for meaningful model comparison.


  • Cohere's "Summarize" feature condenses lengthy paragraphs into concise summaries.

  • Example: Copy-pasting a paragraph and requesting a summary.

  • Result: Cohere effectively summarizes the input, making it a useful tool for condensing information.

Learning Platform and Documentation:

  • Cohere extends its utility as a learning platform with tutorials available for various programming languages.

  • Comprehensive documentation aids in understanding Cohere's capabilities, from language model representation to practical applications.

Conclusion: Cohere emerges as a versatile AI tool, offering features ranging from content generation to text summarization. Its applications in academic writing and research article preparation make it a valuable companion for researchers seeking efficiency and productivity in their work.

Closing Thoughts: As you embark on your academic writing journey, consider integrating Cohere into your toolkit. Its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities can undoubtedly elevate the quality and speed of your research endeavors.

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