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AI Tool For Research paper Writing | Novuswriter AI

AI Tool For Research paper Writing | Novuswriter AI


We'll delve into an essential AI tool that holds immense value for content creation, research article preparation, and writing. Join us in exploring Novus Writer, a powerful writing tool powered by AI. We'll navigate through its features and see how it can significantly aid our writing endeavors.

Getting Started with Novus Writer:

  1. Signing Up:

  • To access Novus Writer, users need to sign up by providing their name, email ID, and password.

  • Upon successful login, users are greeted with a user-friendly dashboard.

  1. Dashboard Overview:

  • The dashboard presents various project options, including Healthcare (long and short), Instagram, Marketing, and more.

  1. Creating a New Project:

  • Users can initiate a new project by selecting from three options: Templates, Custom Templates, or Beta.

Exploring Writing Tools:

  1. Summarize:

  • Novus Writer offers a summarization tool that condenses given content into a concise form.

  • Users can paste the content and receive a summarized version, along with a word count.

  1. Grammar Checker:

  • The grammar checker ensures grammatical accuracy within paragraphs.

  • Users can input content, select language preferences, and receive grammatically corrected text.

  1. Paraphrase:

  • The paraphrasing tool helps in rephrasing sentences to avoid plagiarism.

  • Users can easily input content and receive a well-paraphrased version with changed sentence structures.

  1. Suggestion:

  • Novus Writer provides suggestions for improving the given content, acting as a valuable tool for refining writing.

  • Users can input paragraphs and receive constructive suggestions for enhancement.

SEO Boosters:

  1. SEO Article:

  • Users can input keywords related to their topic, and Novus Writer generates an SEO-friendly article.

  • The tool provides word count and keyword repetition rates, aiding in effective content creation.


Novus Writer emerges as a versatile AI writing tool, encompassing summarization, grammar checking, paraphrasing, and SEO-friendly content generation. Its user-friendly interface and diverse features make it a valuable asset for writers engaged in diverse projects. Whether you're working on a research article, blog post, or SEO content, Novus Writer can significantly streamline and enhance your writing process.

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