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AI Tool & Chatbot for Research Paper Writing

AI Tool & Chatbot for Research Paper Writing

Welcome to LMS Solutions! Here, we are diving into an exciting AI tool called Krater AI, which is currently under development. Specifically designed for writers, this tool can be utilized as a chatbot with various writing options. Today, we'll explore how Krater AI can significantly enhance academic writing.

Tutorial on Krater AI:

  1. Logging into Krater AI: To get started with Krater AI, create an account by logging in with your Gmail ID and password. Upon logging in, you'll be greeted with a dashboard offering various writing options.

  2. Copywriting: Under the "Copywriting" section, you have access to different templates such as content expander, content shortener, grammar corrector, and more. Notably, the "Translate to Perfect English" option can be invaluable for ensuring grammatical accuracy in your research articles.

  3. Chat with A: Explore the "Chat with A" feature, turning Krater AI into a chatbot. Provide prompts and Krater AI will generate content based on your input. This can be particularly useful for generating outlines, thesis statements, and more.

  4. Image Generation: Krater AI also offers image generation capabilities. Provide a detailed image prompt and Krater AI will generate schematic representations and visuals. It's a handy tool to complement your written content.

  5. Subscription Plans: Krater AI offers various subscription plans based on the number of generations per month. There's a free plan with 10 generations per month and subscription plans with more generations for those seeking additional usage.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Krater AI proves to be an all-in-one super app unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence in academic writing. With its diverse features, it can simplify content creation, making it a valuable tool for researchers and writers alike.

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