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AI Chatbot for Academic & Research paper Writing using

AI Chatbot for Academic & Research paper Writing using

Here, we'll delve into an invaluable tool that can greatly aid in research article preparation and content creation—a chatbot designed to generate diverse responses based on user prompts. This research assistant, powered by, proves to be a valuable asset for crafting content efficiently. Dashboard: To access, simply navigate to the website and log in using your Gmail ID. The dashboard provides a user-friendly interface for seamless interaction with the chatbot.

Online Workshop Announcement: Before delving into the chatbot exploration, a quick announcement is made about an upcoming online workshop on efficient conference and journal paper writing with ChatGPT and a toolbox. The workshop aims to cover crucial aspects such as title selection, introduction crafting, literature survey, data analysis, and more. Details and registration link are available in the video description.

ChatGPT Interaction: The chatbot is prompted with various queries, such as seeking the definition of renewable energy. responds by generating informative content, offering a clear and concise definition.

Literature Survey Generation: Moving forward, a prompt is given to create a literature survey on grid-connected PV systems with references. delivers a comprehensive literature survey along with related reference papers, showcasing its capability to aid in research article preparation.

Quality Check for References: A cautionary note is provided to users, emphasizing the importance of verifying references generated by It's highlighted that false references might be produced, urging researchers to cross-verify the generated references for accuracy.

Abstract Generation: Another prompt is given to generate an abstract of around 200 words on the topic of a grid-connected PV system for electric vehicle charging stations. provides a sample abstract, emphasizing the need for customization by including technical parameters.

Image Generation:'s image generation feature is showcased, allowing users to create visuals by specifying the desired content. An example of generating an image of a cute dog in space is demonstrated.

Subscription Plans: The video briefly touches upon the subscription plans offered by, indicating that unlimited usage is available for free and providing additional features for a premium subscription.

Conclusion: proves to be a versatile tool, offering assistance in generating content, literature surveys, abstracts, and even images. While its capabilities are showcased, users are reminded to exercise caution and validate references generated by the chatbot. The potential of as a research assistant and content generator is highlighted, making it a valuable resource for researchers and content creators.

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