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3 Important Chatgpt prompts for Research | Easy Synopsis & Thesis Writing |AIPRM Chatgpt Prompts

3 Important Chatgpt prompts for Research | Easy Synopsis & Thesis Writing |AIPRM Chatgpt Prompts


Greetings, fellow researchers! In today's discussion, we'll delve into three impactful prompts within ChatGPT that can significantly aid in research support and the analysis and preparation of research articles. These prompts offer valuable tools for extracting insights, rewriting content, and outlining comprehensive research papers. Let's explore these ChatGPT prompts in detail.

Paper Psychology Prompt

The first prompt we'll explore is the "Paper Psychology" prompt. This prompt is particularly useful for gaining insights into a research paper and extracting key information for effective analysis and preparation.

How to Use:

  1. Click on "Paper Psychology."

  2. Enter the title of the paper you want to analyze.

  3. ChatGPT generates an abstract, background information, objectives, literature survey, methodology, and discussion points for the specified paper.


  • Quickly obtain a detailed synopsis of a research paper.

  • Extract objectives, literature survey details, and methodology information effortlessly.

  • Ideal for understanding and summarizing complex research papers.

Unique Rewriter Prompt

The second powerful prompt is the "Unique Rewriter," designed to rewrite paragraphs in a unique and varied manner, aiding in content originality and plagiarism avoidance.

How to Use:

  1. Click on "Unique Rewriter."

  2. Copy and paste the paragraph you want to rewrite.

  3. ChatGPT generates a rewritten version of the provided paragraph with varied sentence structures.


  • Obtain unique content by rewriting paragraphs with varied sentence structures.

  • Effectively reduce plagiarism in research articles.

  • Enhance the originality of your research content.

Outline Create Prompt

The third prompt we'll explore is the "Outline Create" prompt, a valuable tool for generating detailed outlines for research articles or theses.

How to Use:

  1. Click on "Outline Create."

  2. Provide a topic for which you want to create an outline (e.g., "Performance Parameters of Grid-Connected PV System").

  3. ChatGPT generates a structured outline with section-wise details.


  • Quickly create a comprehensive outline for research articles or theses.

  • Obtain section-wise details, including introduction, objectives, and subtopics.

  • Streamline the process of organizing and presenting research content.


Incorporating these ChatGPT prompts into your research workflow can significantly enhance your efficiency in analyzing papers, rewriting content, and outlining research articles. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or just starting, these prompts offer valuable support in various aspects of the research process.

Thank you for tuning in to LMS Solution Research Support. We hope this video provides insights into these powerful ChatGPT prompts, making your research endeavors more efficient and effective. Have a productive day!

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