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3 Important AIPRM Chatgpt Prompts for Research paper Writing | Introduction & Conclusion |AI Tool

3 Important AIPRM Chatgpt Prompts for Research paper Writing | Introduction & Conclusion |AI Tool


Welcome to LMS Solution's research support. In this video, we explore three powerful AIPRM ChatGPT prompts designed to elevate your research article preparation. These prompts are invaluable for researchers and project workers, offering unique and optimized content creation. Let's dive into the details.

1. Intro and Conclusion Generator: Prompt: Conclusion and Intro Writer

Begin by searching for this prompt in ChatGPT. You will find around 34 prompts; look for "intro & conclusion writer." This prompt proves crucial for generating introduction and conclusion sections for your chosen research topic. Simply input your topic, and ChatGPT will provide a succinct introduction and conclusion. This feature is excellent for those seeking assistance in crafting these critical sections for their research articles.

Example:Topic: Grid-Connected PV System - Closed Loop Control and Performance Evaluation in Reduced Switch Count Multi-Level Inverters Interfacing.

Output: An introduction and conclusion totaling around 298 words, ready to enhance your research paper.

2. 100% Unique SEO Article Generator: Prompt: 100% Unique Holistic SEO Human Written Article

This prompt is a gem to generate entirely unique, SEO-optimized content. Input your topic, specifying the type of content you need, and ChatGPT will produce a human-like written article. Perfect for diversifying your content and ensuring uniqueness.

Example: Topic: Operation of a Boost Converter

Output: A 100% unique article explaining the basics of a boost converter, its components, and operational modes. Great for enriching your content with fresh language.

3. Avoid Overused Phrases: Prompt: Avoid Overused Words and Phrases

Tired of clichés and overused phrases in your writing? Use this prompt to infuse freshness into your language. Input your topic, and ChatGPT will help you replace common phrases, enhancing the originality and creativity of your content.

Example: Topic: Operation of a Boost Converter

Output: A rephrased version with varied phrases, making your writing more interesting and original. Useful for reducing plagiarism risks.

Conclusion: These AIPRM ChatGPT prompts are powerful tools for researchers and writers, offering assistance in crafting well-rounded articles, ensuring uniqueness, and avoiding overused phrases. Incorporate these prompts into your writing routine to witness a positive transformation in your content quality.

Thank you for joining us in exploring these impactful AIPRM ChatGPT prompts. For more insights and future discussions, please subscribe and stay tuned to our channel.

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