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2 AI Tools for Technical Writing & Create Chatbot|

2 AI Tools for Technical Writing & Create Chatbot


We'll delve into two powerful tools designed to enhance your content-generation experience. Let's dive into the details and explore how these tools can be valuable assets in your academic and creative pursuits.

Creating Your ChatBot:

  1. Navigate to Knowbo:

  • Visit the Knowbo website and explore the options for creating a chatbot.

  1. Choose a Use Case:

  • Select a use case for your chatbot, such as documentation, website chatbot, or other relevant options.

  1. Provide Information:

  • Input essential details about your business or topic to help customize your chatbot.

  1. Paste Documentation URLs:

  • Paste the URLs of your documentation articles to train your chatbot. You can add up to 10 URLs.

  1. Customize Appearance:

  • Tailor the appearance of your chatbot by specifying header text, welcome messages, and color schemes.

  1. Create Your ChatBot:

  • Once configured, click "Create Chatbot" to generate your chatbot. Note the color-coded indicators for the chatbot's readiness.

  1. Database Integration:

  • To enable your chatbot fully, provide the database of your articles. The green indicator signifies that your chatbot is ready for use.

  1. Explore and Edit:

  • Explore and edit your chatbot settings, and don't forget to update it after making changes.

  1. Embed in Your Website:

  • Copy the generated code snippet and embed it above the body tag on your website to integrate your chatbot seamlessly.

Pricing Plans:

  • Knowbo offers various plans based on the number of chatboards you need, starting from $19 per month for one chatboard.

Generating Academic Essays:

  1. Select the Category:

  • Choose the category for your essay, such as "Renewable Energy."

  1. Define Instructions:

  • Provide specific instructions for your essay, guiding the generator on the focus and content.

  1. Specify Pages and Sources:

  • Set the number of pages and sources required for your essay.

  1. Generate the Essay:

  • Click "Generate," and the tool will create an essay on the specified topic.

  1. Review and Download:

  • Review the generated essay and download it in Word format. The tool allows five free daily uses.

Key Features:

  • The tool provides information on estimated completion time (e.g., 2 minutes) and offers citations for the generated content.


These two tools, Knowbo and Academic Help, serve distinct purposes in content creation. Knowbo empowers you to craft your chatbot, tailored to your databases, while Academic Help simplifies the process of generating academic essays. Both tools offer user-friendly interfaces and functionalities, making them valuable assets for students, researchers, and content creators.

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